After the completion of the AGM, The BFNC are proud to announce the 2019 committee. All general committee portfolios will be announced in due course.

President – Paul D. Dimattina
Snr Vice President – Brett Cooper
Jnr Vice President – James Coles
Secretary – Jayde O’Brien
Treasurer – Mark Eyles
Football Ops Manager – Jeff Mackie
General Committee:
– Garry Morgan
– James Watts
– Liam Dimattina
– Luke Forrest
– Ron Roberts
– Sarah Radlow
– Olivia Scott

A big welcome to new members Jayde O’Brien, Luke Forrest, Ron Roberts, Sarah Radlow & Olivia Scott.

The club would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dizzy Smith, Chris Clement, Matthew Thorp & Luke Holmesby who have not re-elected for a committee position. We look forward to their continued service and support.