Quotes below from Dean Richards – President Nightlife Disability Services Inc

Nightlife Disability Service (Nightlife) is a small charity which provides, flexible night time service for people with disabilities living in their own homes in the Southern region of Melbourne. Nightlife aims to not only be an emergency overnight service but a service that liberates and makes an ‘ordinary’ life possible for people with disabilities. It enables people to live as independently as possible in their own homes and enjoy an inclusive lifestyle. The type of support people receive from Nightlife varies and is uniquely tailored to each person’s needs.


Nightlife is an incorporated association funded by DHS.  Nightlife is a registered charity with public benevolent institution status. Nightlife is governed by a Committee of Management. It employs a Manager and numerous disability support workers along with a small fleet of cars for use to visit people that use our service.

Nightlife’s Vision:

Making an ordinary life possible for people with disabilities

Nightlife’s Mission Statement:    

Delivering high quality night time supports which are ethically driven, dignified, respectful and tailored to each person’s unique lifestyle, culture and relationships.

Nightlife achieves this by having a flexible highly trained team of support workers that not only carry out rostered visits but can also adjust their working rosters at short notice to assist people if a request comes in. It allows people with disabilities to have a meaningful night time social life knowing supports are available when they return home.

To try and give you an understanding of how Nightlife impacts on someone’s life I can use my story. The only reason I have been able to be an active part of the Bentleigh FC was because my parents provided me with supports once these commitments were over.

Since Nightlife started it has meant my parents no longer provide those supports, Nightlife has also eased the anxiety as to what will happen to me if no one can provide those supports. Nightlife has also meant that my parents can go away without being concerned about what would happen if I had an issue overnight as Nightlife are only a call away.

My parents started travelling and they had only just returned from a three week European trip celebrating 50 years of marriage in June 2012 before mum passed away. I can say that my mum’s passing has been eased in the knowledge that her and my father were able to have that time together in part because Nightlife provides the supports it does.

Nightlife is grateful to the Bentleigh Football Club and its sponsors for their support,