Please be advised that the 2018 AGM will take place on Monday November 19th with a commencement time of 8:00 pm.

The Venue will be the Mackie Cricket Club, Mackie Rd, East Bentleigh.

The Business of the AGM will be ;

Reading and confirmation of the 2017 AGM
Presentation of the 2018 Annual Report which will include the Treasurer’s Report and 2018 Profit and Loss Statement
Election of Officer Bearers : President.
Vice President (Up to two positions )

General Committee ( Up to 8 positions ) Each General Committee position has a portfolio attached to it. In 2018 these included Social, Media/Communication, Subscriptions/ Receivables, Netball Co ordination, Membership/Past Players, Football Operations etc.
It is most likely that these portfolios will continue in 2019, however the club management is always looking to move forward and would welcome suggestions for any new portfolios and/or members to head them up or be part of a subcommittee.
If you have any suggestions re this please contact current President, Paul Dimattina on 0401 690 930

or email:

4. General Business:


Garry Matlock

General Manager